I am a cultural and visual anthropologist who does research on disability in contemporary Japan. My first project was on sign language, identity, and deaf social movements and resulted in a monograph and edited volume. After that, my second project was on schizophrenia and community-based recovery in Japan and this resulted in a book, its translation, and two films.

I'm currently finishing a third project which explores the intersections of disability, gender, and sexuality and will result in a book titled: Trans/Japan. After that, I am working on a project on prosthetic, replacement, and augmentation technologies in contemporary Japan and the USA.

Note that on January 1, 2016, I will be taking up a new position at UC Berkeley.

Research interests: Disability movements, technology and social policy, identity politics, gender, and sexuality.

Karen Nakamura
Associate Professor of Anthropology
  and East Asian Studies
Chair, LGBT Studies
Yale University

karen.nakamura @ yale. edu
10 Sachem Street New Haven CT 06520-8277 USA
Office Tel: 203-432-3795 Office Fax: 203-432-3669
from January 1, 2016:
Robert and Colleen Haas Distinguished Chair
in Disability Studies and Professor of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology
University of California Berkeley
232 Kroeber
Berkeley, CA 94720-3710

ORCID: 0000-0003-4335-2818